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Meet the perfect fusion of lighting design and technology—a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before. Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colors, and automate your lighting throughout the day.

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This is your canvas. This is your life. This is your journey

Introducing the Nanoleaf Aurora, an all-new LED smart lighting product designed to help you light up your life your way. With the Nanoleaf Aurora, you can truly personalize your lighting by creating shapes and scenes that are limited only by your imagination.







The aurora’s modular LED panels can bathe you in as many colours as there are people in New York city. They can also recreate the perfect White light for your needs, sunrise, rainy day, brilliant daylight, or anything in between. Add in some features designed to enhance the intelligent home, and you’ve got a forward-looking smart lighting experience that’s as customizable as it is pleasant.







The Nanoleaf Aurora was created to free you from the shackles of every boring fixture and lightbulb that came before it. We didn’t design the Aurora to be a lighting product, rather, we created it to be a canvas that allows you to transform light into living paint. Pair and control multiple auroras connected to the same wireless network.










Add auroras and smart lights to room groups to control multiple lights and personalize your home even more! Build and save your own lighting scenes and animations to recreate the perfect ambience with the tap of a finger. Design and save your own color palettes and White light settings for the Aurora and any compatible ZigBee smart light. Create and save time triggers to turn lighting scenes on and off automatically







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