Projects In Brief

Body Shop Head Office

Client challenge; the office structure is predominantly open plan with a number of modular offices and meeting rooms around the perimeter. Due to the number of office moves and changes, over the past few years, together with the age of the existing luminaires a lighting upgrade was proposed. Body Shop

Lighting solution; There were two key factors to the specification of the proposed luminaire, the ceiling is a burgess metal pan and the old lighting control system had to be maintained.

The luminaire specification provided for 870 LED panels, 3200 lumen, 4000k with a UGR of <19 and flicker free. The LED driver, 0-10v, was specified to provide compatibility with the existing lighting controls system. Burgess frames were used to install the LED panels.

While the main purpose of the project was not purely energy efficiency Kw and t/Co2 savings >60% were achieved.

BMW and Mercedes authorised Accident & Repair CentresAccident and Repair 2

Client challenge; to be an authorised BMW and Mercedes accident and repair centre there are specific lighting standards that have to be achieved; for example 1000 lux average within the main body shop area. While the clients were interested in energy and maintenance efficiency the most important element of the lighting solution was lux levels, to achieve BMW and Mercedes accreditation, and as importantly uniformity.

Lighting solution; the lighting designs focussed on the achievement of 1000 lux average with minimal variance throughout the space. Review of available LED technologies enabled the following luminaire specification to be determined; Linear LED High Bay 200w, 22,000 lumen, low glare, 4000k mounted at the optimum height.

Festival Place Shopping Centre

Client challenge; since 2007 Festival Place and Lightology have been on a lighting efficiency journey. The latest project in this journey was the Bus Station corridor. A main entrance to Festival Place, particularly as the new Next store is adjacent the Mall entrance, the corridor required a combination of efficiency and aesthetics.Festival Palace

Lighting solution; the ambient lighting was provided using 2200 lumen 4000k low glare, opal diffuser LED downlights. Accent lighting, replacing cold cathode, was achieved with linear LED. The decorative lighting was provided through the introduction of 1200mm Beta Calco Ring, 4000k.

A brief outline of a few lighting projects, early stages;

Pub Chain; the development of an LED lighting and controls strategy for interior and external lighting.

Private Hospital; preparation of a lighting plan that provides energy efficiency through the introduction of LED and simple lighting controls. The lighting plan to ensure compliance in the key areas of emergency lighting, clean areas and areas with water present.

Estate Agent offices

Bank of England gallery and primary corridor

Council Offices reception and Guildhall

Media Group RGBW wireless lighting scheme, restaurant and breakout areas

Housing Association LED upgrade incorporating wireless emergency lighting reporting

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